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About Us

A bit of background

When I started my first Startup, I spent time, effort, and money into developing my idea. A few months later, my Startup had died before it even began. I didn't have a proof of concept, I developed too quickly, and I added too many unnecessary features.

When the time came to raise funds, every investor asked me to validate my idea. I didn't understand how to do so, all I had was AN IDEA and was only focused on trying to solve a problem that I HAD. Not focusing on what others might need, I assumed many hypotheses without any proof. Sound Familiar?

KOMLEP was born to transform your ideas into products people really want via a 4-step product creation process. We have over 6 years of experience helping entrepreneurs in more than 100 Startups, by preventing mistakes from the very beginning of an idea.

Karla Valdivieso Founder & CEO

Results to expect when working with us

  • You will really know what you are trying to solve for others

  • You will be able to validate if your idea truly works

  • You will know your product from A to Z when hiring a development team

  • You will feel confident about your product and take it to the next level: RAISING CAPITAL

Life’s too short to build products nobody wants.